You’d be surprised how much your organisational success relies on your powers of persuasion.

My specialisation is showing you and your team how to ‘sell’ your product, services, project or ideas effectively... and quickly!


“It’s been an exciting experience – us telling our stories to Franka and the way she fed them back to us made them appear in a whole new light.”

“The questions she asked sounded very simple and yet it had us thinking of our issues in a completely new way.”

“As an engineer, I’m not much of a talker, but I feel so much more confident now when I teach new versions of our office software. Franka found me the tools to make my presentations so much more interesting, professional and memorable. She even helped me translate some of the technical procedures so everyone could understand them.”

“All of a sudden, our behaviour seemed crazy to us, but started making sense. The lessons were uncomfortable, however necessary. Together with Franka, we identified the pivotal points, allowing us to move forward in a sustainable way.”

“My team and I are at a completely different level now. Thank you Franka!”

“From self-conscious to self-confident, now I can flick the switch!”

“A day packed with insights.”

“Trepidation turned to relief as we finally unpacked our issues and felt able to move on with optimism.”

“Wow. Finally we’re on the same page!”