You’d be surprised how much your organisational success relies on your powers of persuasion.

My specialisation is showing you and your team how to ‘sell’ your product, services, project or ideas effectively... and quickly!

About Franka

My passion and mission:

  • Unleashing success.
  • Identifying the difference that makes the difference.
  • Happy, empowered people that take pride in their work and celebrate their success.

I’m on a mission against:

  • Waste of time, boring meetings, procrastination
  • the 158th .ppt slide
  • Misunderstandings
  • Shame and fear in the workplace
  • Organizational rituals (the useless folklore ones…)

My official roles:

  • Trainer
  • Consultant
  • Keynote Speaker

My unofficial roles:

  • Midwife of the forgotten potential
  • Jester (the only one who got to tell the king the truth without being beheaded)
  • The child asking naive questions

I have lived and worked in

  • Germany
  • USA
  • France
  • England

I have training in:

  • Academic
    • Psychology
    • Business administration
    • Theology
  • Vocational
    • NLP (Neurolinguistic Programming)
    • Hypnotherapeutic and systemic organizational consulting
    • NVC Nonviolent Communication
    • Edutrainment (training the trainer)
    • KaosPilots
    • Peters and Waterman´s Frontline Leadership

My Work

  • Training; in-house and some public
  • Training and consulting projects with customers of various industries, mainly manufacturing, utilities
    and IT. For details cf.: “About QuickPitch”
  • Consulting and coaching in person or on the phone